Busted by the neighbor next to their recycle bin!

We have a recycling program to collect recyclable household materials (i.e., milk bottles, newspaper, etc.) and we try to do our best to help to protect the environment. I am not showing off by saying that, it is the reason behind this story….

It was a recycle collection day, and we put our recycle bin to curbside, but we had couple big Amazon.com boxes to put into recycle. We cut the boxes into small pieces and took them to recycle bin. Since we collect every recyclable thing, the container was filled quickly, and we still had some carton pieces. We decided to check the neighbour’s recycle bin to see is there enough space in it, and luckily it did!

The bins are big (75 or 90 gallons), so the lid is heavy. As a gentleman (little bit show-off won’t hurt (: ) I hold lit open for my wife and she put the carton pieces into the recycle bin and instead of holding the lid for she just walked away.

So I was standing with a bunch of cardboard pieces stacked under one arm and holding the recycle bin’s lid with the other hand. That was the moment our neighbour and her daughter came out to get into their car.

The look on their face was something between surprise and curiosity (what the heck this guy do with our recycle bin).

I was also in shock from being busted, and I could not say anything but stand there still. My wife decided to distract them so I can finish the job run away, and started to wave her hand from shoulder and said ‘Good morning!’. It worked, I put the pieces into the bin, closed the lid and fast-walk to our house.

When I was next to my wife I said something that kept us laughing for half day:
‘It would be better if you helped with the bin, so we would not be busted!”

I don’t know what our neighbour thinks about us; we haven’t spoke yet, but I am afraid to ask!

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