Europe 2017 Trip – Intro

..and it is the favorite time of year for us: vacation! Mrs. Duman lived in London close to a year in past, and she always wanted Mr. Duman to see the city as well. So her wish came true this year. We planned the whole trip around a budget, here is how:

We were given vacation option between September 25 and November 10. Since Europe gets colder than Florida and we lost our cold resistance after living in a warm climate for 8 years; we decided to take the vacation as soon as in that period.

We used Google Flights to find cheap flights to Europe. Our favorite part is seeing the calendar of lowest prices for a trip.
For example, we set ‘where from’ and ‘where to’ fields (i.e., Orlando to London), and when you click the calendar it shows you the lowest price on each day. We also did this for other potential cities to visit in Europe. Our candidates were; Paris, Rome, Venice, Prag, Amsterdam, etc.
After going through this process, we found a one way Norwegian Airlines direct flight between Orlando & London for $275 per person on September 28th Thursday. The departure time was 9:35 pm, arrival to London was 10:50 am. It was perfect, away from rush hour but not too late in the day.

With same method we found our return flight, Rome to Orlando through Copenhagen Denmark with 7 hours wait, a small window to see another city for free. Departure on October 9th Monday at 7:10 am from Rome, 9:40 am arrival to Copenhagen and then leaving at 4:55 pm for Orlando to arrive at 8:50 pm. The cost was $345 per person with Norwegian Airlines. We found these tickets around Aug 25th, so little over a month ahead. Total of transatlantic flights were $1240 for two people, slightly expensive than getting a round-trip ticket to a specific city but we didn’t want to spend time with going back to the same town again.

The rest was filling in between, which we will keep a surprise. Stay tuned for Day 1…