Wide View for Testing a Telescope

We were having trouble with our Celestron CS5 f/10 telescope, it is not fast and collecting a decent amount of data takes hours.

We have an Orion 80mm f/5.0 Refractor that came with the guiding kit. We decided to give it a try as imaging telescope.

We started with 30 seconds at 1600 ISO and 17 light frames. Since this is just for testing purposes, we didn’t use any flat, dark or bias frames.

Considering this is just a $130 telescope, it works much better than we expected. We are planning to get a better refractor telescope to replace our slow Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

Technical Details

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Modifying a DSLR to Full-Spectrum for Astro-Photography

We decided to take one more step further in our favorite hobby, and sent our Canon 100D DSLR camera for removal of the pre-installed “Red Filter.”

We used Kolari Vision (kolarivision.com) for the process, which is simple; pay the fee, send the camera, let them do their job, get the camera back. The service charge was $275, priority shipping with USPS was $23 (with signature confirmation & $500 insurance). Sent the camera on Friday and it was shipped back on Wednesday and I received it on Saturday.
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